Custom Metal Art and Signs

Big Creek Metal Works is dedicated to making the highest-quality functional and decorative metal art. We take great pride in our work and pay close attention to detail. Custom metal art pieces are our specialty. The photos on this website represent only a few drops in the ocean of possibilities. Contact us with your ideas and we will create a head-turning custom piece that will last for generations to come.


Idaho Gate

Idaho Gate: 20'x6'

Sign for Harris Ranch in Idaho

Harris Ranch in Idaho: 6' Sign

Sign for Thunder View Farm in New York

Thunder View Farm in New York: 12'x56" Sign

Arizona Balcony Stair/Deck Railing Panel

Arizona Balcony Stair/Deck Railing Panel: 7'

Sign for Pecan Creek Ranch, Texas

Pecan Creek Ranch, Texas: 8' Sign

Horse Silhouette

Horse Silhouette

Sign for MKT Ranch, Nevada

MKT Ranch, Nevada: 10' Sign

Sign for Hiltz Bison Co

Hiltz Bison Co., Canada: 18' Sign