Hanging Mount Option

Small and large hanging options

Signs that are made with eyelets on top so they can be hung from chain. There is also usually anchor points in the bottom corners to attach to with chain or small cable if so desired to make movement from wind a non issue. If only a couple/few links of chain are used to hang the sign at the top then movement from wind is fairly minimal to begin with.

Top Mount Option

Small and large top mount options

Top mount signs are made to sit up on top of a horizontal beam or ledge. The bottom of the sign will be bent backwards at a 90 degree angle to the sign with holes cut in the base for lag screws/bolts. For the large signs (generally over 8′ long) we take heavy angle iron and punch holes along the angle iron for lag screws, then weld it to the base of the sign on the back side of sign giving the sign a base to sit in place then secure sign in place with lag screws.

Wall Mount Option

Small and large wall mount options

Wall mount signs can be made to fasten to a wood wall, or made to secure to a rock or brick face. The latter is achieved by making 1/4″ studs which secure to the back of sign. The customer would need to use a rotary hammer to drill holes in the concrete/rock/brick wall at the location of the studs, insert epoxy into the holes, then insert the sign with the studs sticking out the back of sign into the holes. Or we can simply cut screw holes in the sign if no space is desired between the wall and sign.

Post Mount Option

Small and large post mount options

What we call post mount signs are signs made to fasten to two posts. These signs can span an entire driveway, or be smaller signs. They can be made to fasten to steel or wood posts. The design for these can greatly vary from fastening from the inside of one post to the inside of the other post, to making “caps” on each end of the sign so the signs “caps” fit right over the top of the posts.

Gate Mount Option

Small and large gate mount options

Gate mount signs can be any metal art at all made with the intent to fasten to the front of an existing gate. Sometimes customers bolt these to their gates. Other times we build brackets to attach the signs to their gates . We will ask for exact dimensions from your gate such as spacing between bars/pickets etc. to make sure holes in the sign get drilled in the right locations to line up with the gate bars, or to make sure if brackets are used that they line up with the bars on your gate.